The spirit of Brittany (Bretagne)
in the authentic wines of Nantes

Les vins références du vignoble de Nantes

The Muscadet wine, a wine from the Atlantic… Loire

The Muscadet wine has always been a reference in the vineyards of Nantes.
This wine of the Atlantic Ocean’s coast is usually consumed accompanying seafood dishes, which go very well with its fruited freshness. This wine from the vineyards of Nantes comes from a single variety, the melon of Bourgogne.
The AOC “Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée” (Checked Denomination of Origin) vineyard holds 13 000 hectare and exploits mainly white wine.

It is implanted principally in the South part of La Loire-Atlantique.

The Muscadet wine is generally consumed within the three years after its harvesting, however, the better wines from the best vintage can be conserved for more than a decade. Muscadet wine has a pale color with green reflections, it is a dry white wine with a flowery and fruited flavour, which can be matured and aged on its lees and in this case we notice an improvement of the suppleness.

This method of growing gives the fresh Muscadet wine freshness and a pearling characteristic.

The “Gros-plant-du-pays-Nantais” (Gros-plant” of the Nantes country)

Better known under the name of “Gros-Plant”, this wine from the Loire, but also from the Atlantic, is a neighbour of the Muscadet wine and can be matured on its lees. Characterized by a pale color with a green reflection and by its dominating flowerily fragrance, it is very easily consumed with seafood from the Atlantic Coast.

From Ancenis in Pornic, extends the “Gros-Plant” itself on the whole of the vineyards of Nantes, in more than 92 communities.
The Loroux-Botterau, The Vallet, the Corcoué-sur-Logne and the Saint-Philbert-de Grand-Lieu are great sites of productions of this “Gros-Plant”..

This fresh, light and pearling wine comes from the vine “Folle Banche” and it is one of the unavoidable wines of the Nantes vineyards. The will of the producers to improve the quality of the wine has allowed them to obtain the label “appellation AOVDQS” (Original Label of Superior Quality Wine).

The Pinot Noir

It is in the XV century that François II, the last independent Duke of Brittany (Bretagne), received some Pinot Noir grape vines as a present from the Duke of Bourgogne and that this noble vine was imposed in the vineyard by Philippe le Hardi in 1395.

In Brittany, François II planted these Pinot Noir grapes in his domain, the “Berligou” will therefore be known as the “wine from the Dukes of Brittany”. Fallen into disuse, some Berligou grape vines can still be seen in the Museum of the Vineyards in Nantes.

Wishing to revive this wine tradition of the eras of an independent Brittany, several vineyards from Nantes are developing a vineyard with Pinot Noir.

The Gamay Rosé

As for the Gamay Rosé wine, it has been able to take on very specific characteristics by rooting in the vineyards of Nantes. It is a very light wine, nicely perfumed, that can be consumed with a good meal in perfect harmony with different foods, but can also be drunk as a cold drink on a sunny day.