The spirit of Brittany (Bretagne)
in the authentic wines of Nantes

Un vin du vignoble de Nantes oublié

The history of a wine from Nantes

The Breton people have always been faithful to the Muscadet wine from generation to generation.

They have made it their own. Nothing is more obvious, as the vineyards of Nantes cover the most southern part of Brittany (Bretagne). Everywhere in Brittany, but also in Montparnasse which is the Breton neighborhood of Paris, the tradition was to uncork some bottles of good Muscadet wine in the pub on Sunday morning after Mass.

To the contrary to other French regions, where it is habit to consume “Pastis”, which is a French aniseed liqueur.

If the working-class Britons also drank red wine which often originated from the center of France, they favored for their white wine the Muscadet.

nantes vineyard

A misrepresented wine from Nantes

For 20 years, a strategy of abandon of the Breton identity of the Muscadet wine in favor of an identity of the Val de Loire has made it lose it roots and the faithfulness of the Breton people towards their wines.

It is the same for our cousins in Great Britain who, confused by this identity uprooting, could no longer recognize the Muscadet wine in this strange "Loire Valley".

That is why the Vignerons-Artisans de Bretagne (the Artisanal Vineyards of Brittany) has been created, in order to revive our traditional markets and to repair as much as possible the errors and denials which have led to losing the market that we know today.

Nantes and Breton wine