The spirit of Brittany (Bretagne)
in the authentic wines of Nantes

Commitment Charter of the Artisanal Winegrower of vineyard of Nantes

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Article 1 :

The Vigneron Artisan de Bretagn”– the V.A.B. (the Artisanal Winemaker of Brittany) cultivates its vines, harvests the grapes and makes wine in its cellars.

Article 2 :

The V.A.B. applies the principles of a sustainable agriculture. It commits itself to practice mild treatments for the soil and the vines. Biodegradable molecules, reduced treatments depending on climatic conditions, and no systematical treatments. The V.A.B offers thus wines molded by nature, healthy for body and soul.

Article 3 :

The V.A.B. commits itself to favor the expression of its soil. The V.A.B. label confirms the will of the Vigneron Artisan de Bretagne (the Artisanal Winegrower of Brittany) to produce authentic wines that itself has shaped and made.

Article 4 :

Rooted in the Armorican Massif, our vines are impregnated with the minerals of the very particular soil of the Nantes Vineyards. There are so many rock underground; Gneiss, Granite, Mica-schist that it has no equal. They are associated with an iodine oceanic micro-climate. The viticulture practices of the V.A.B. have the expression of these rocks spirit and this climate in its wines, at heart.

Article 5 :

Since 845 the Vineyards of Nantes has always been part of Brittany. The region of Nantes is one of the 9 areas of Brittany, to the image of the 9 black and white stripes of the Breton flag. The V.A.B. commits itself to be the ambassador of its Country, to promote the culture, the history, the language and the geography of Brittany, and especially the Vineyards of Nantes.

Article 6 :

The wines of Nantes, of which the Muscadet wine is the flagship, have been for centuries wines for export, thanks to its coastal traditions. In this sense, the V.A.B. also seeks to use English in its communication tools.

Article 7 :

It is in this spirit that it welcomes in all conviviality devoted visitors in love with our region, its traditions and its wines.