The spirit of Brittany (Bretagne)
in the authentic wines of Nantes

From one generation to the other…

From one generation to the other… from yesterday to today… winemakers from father to son since 4 generations, the "Domaine du Mauperthuis" extends over 35 hectares situated in the Muzillon community. We are happy to receive you on our domain to discover our passion and the love for our profession.

In a few sentences I will make you explore our different wines which can be enjoyed during your meal, from an aperitif to a dessert… and moreover to awaken your taste buds to different flowery, fruity and spicy flavours.

Enjoy the tasting and have a good trip to the land of savours!

Le coin des Blancs dans le vignoble de Nantes

The Muscadet wine from Sèvre et Maine on flower beds
It goes perfectly with your aperitifs, grilled fish, in sauces and also with shellfish.

L'Osmose (The Osmosis)
An absolute must to discover…

The Gros-Plant wine
A wine known to go well with your oysters.

The Chardonnay wine
A light wine rich in flavours perfect to be consumed with sweet foods.

Le coin des Rouges et Rosés du vignoble de Nantes

Red Cabernet wine from oak barrels and rosé
A fine cru, especially female with a flowery aroma; a supple, tender and fruited wine. It goes elegantly and charmingly with meats and cold cut meats (ham, sausages, etc.).
As to the way of making wine; it is a history of taste!

Red or Rosé Gamay
A very aromatic wine of little red fruits of light taste, supple, delicate and refreshing, very suitable to be consumed with your salads, pizzas and grilled meats.

Le coin des Pétillants dans le vignoble de Nantes

The traditional method:

La Closerie
Made from Chardonnay vines, it will know how to keep its place between the aperitifs, desserts and festive meals.

The latest arrival.

The traditional Rosé method:

To discover…

Les Pétillantes
Sparkling grape juice that can be consumed without moderation by little ones and by adults…

At your disposal

Bag in Box: 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 liters

Muscadet Sèvre et Maine
Gamay (red wine or rosé)

Cabernet (red wine or rosé)

Package of 6 to 12 bottles.

It is possible to mix the appellations and the vintages.


We will be happy to welcome you in our wine cellar and it will be our pleasure to share our passion for vines and wines with you by tasting our products.

Dates to put in your calendar

Open house every last weekend of October.