The spirit of Brittany (Bretagne)
in the authentic wines of Nantes

Bercés dans la viticulture

Nestled in the heart of the Muscadet vineyard Sèvre et Maine, between the mildness of la Loire and the freshness of the Atlantic, our domain is situated on the best hills of the village:”Le Landreau”. During the 1960s, Michel Couillaud, transformed the farm of his father little by little into a wine exploitation.

Today, his two sons, Alain and Christian, grown up in the viniculture since their childhood, have taken over. Being passionate winemakers, they practice their profession with both respect for tradition and an innovative spirit.

The exploitation remains an entire family business. The entire work of the vine and the wine is all done by the family. Multi-functionality is rule, but Christian takes care more specifically of the vines and Alain of the winemaking and the commercialization.